Donald H. Massachusetts

Age Doesn't Matter

Minors are viewed as inferior to adults, despite many children displaying qualities which demand more respect. Children have made a positive impact on the lives of so many- unfortunately too many are still tortured by adults.

Addressed to the future president of the United States of America:

"We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard..." -John Fitzgerald Kennedy

In 1997 an 11-year old boy turned over 85 cents that he took from a Brinks truck which rolled over. This week he pulled a woman from a burning car only because it was the right thing to do. Herbert Tarvin exemplifies that children who have the right motivation will go on to help the world. Those who grew up dreaming to make a positive impact often experienced persecution for their beneficial ideas. The exact opposite- children struggling with a poor situation or disabilities- receive just as much discredit. If children are the future of our nation, why do we not provide their dreams with wings to soar on to help the world?

Children deserve respect for their forward thinking thoughts instead of being stereotyped as unintelligent. Many children have improved the lives of others through their creations; they deserve some respect. Instead, children are punished, beaten, abused, and disrespected. Think of all the dreams you had as a child: hopes and aspirations to achieve great wonders that to most adults seemed impossible. As a youth, the sky is limitless- which means even the most outrageous concept could become a reality. 

Want some evidence? Before Rosa Parks, Claudette Colvin was 15 when she helped spark the civil rights movement. Louis Braille was three when he became blind, yet his system of reading which he developed in school now benefits the entire world. When Malala Yousafzai was 11, she wrote for the BBC about life under Taliban rule. After being shot, she recovered to be nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize. Ryan Hreljac was seven when he began providing sanitary facilities to Africans- now he has helped nearly a million people. Severn Cullis-Suzuki silenced the world with her speech on climate change and environmental impact. All these children- and many more- are out to improve the lives of others.

These may only be the examples: the brightest an the the best. Not all children are exemplars. Some are even the exact opposite. However, no one deserves to be treated like dirt- not even the mentally unstable or ill. Here in the state of Massachusetts, the Judge Rotenburg educational center uses electro-shock therapy to torture children. Let me say that again: Canton Massachusetts- the United States of America- torture children. Today that issue faced a judge. Hopefully, no more of this horrible treatment will occur. In a nation which has brought about medicine to treat illness, and offer funding to disabled students, why do we still view minors as inferior? 

Some children are disinterested or distracted in learning. Some lack the ability to learn. Yes, infants have no knowledge of the world, but even a 7 year old understands right from wrong. Striving for a positive message takes time and effort. All it takes is the right motivation. With the right adults guiding by example the next generation will certainly strive to help as many people as they can. Many young people are discouraged by adults who do not display respect toward them, while expecting children to treat them like royalty. That is a terrible example: treat others how you want them to treat you. If I was beaten and tortured,I certainly would feel less inclined to assist elders when the time comes.  Some day people my age will be older... if we feel respected now, then our children will be respected and therefore help others in a positive way.

Imagine a world where no matter what age you are- your voice matters. People treat you based on your ideas, not on your age. Knowledge may come with time, but in the age of technological growth children in elementary school know more than their parents did at the same age. A hundred years ago children were expected to serve their parents, but times are different. Why ask children to write letters to the president? Today's children will run the country some day. Let them feel welcomed. 

To the future president of the United States of America: make everyone feel welcomed- no matter origin, display, or age.

Good luck in your work,

Donald H.


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