Amelia S. Kentucky

College Education Expenses

Many people can't afford a college education. This effects the economy and the person's lifestyle negatively. College should be free for everyone.

Dear President,

Every student that would like a college education, deserves one, and should receive one. In case you are not aware, 83% of Americans say that they cannot afford a college education, without leaving them drowning in loans that they must pay back. That’s a lot of people! There are many reasons that having a college education helps the economy and the person with the education. I believe that as the new president, you should help these people to receive the knowledge they need.

There are many benefits of having a college education. The first, and most obvious one is that, with a college education, there are better paying jobs for someone to take. This helps them to provide for themselves and their family. Some studies say that college graduates earn 84% more than high school graduates. With a college education there are more job opportunities, so it increases a person’s job satisfaction. A college education helps a student to develop higher confidence and independence. College improves communication skills and students learn how to manage budget expenses. The list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, only around 1 in 10 people from low income families receive a college education by age 25. An average in-state college tuition is around $10,000 a year. The average wage of 20-24 year-olds is $25,636 per year. As of 2013, 78.5% of high income people are enrolled in college. 63.8% of middle income people, and 45.5% of lower income people. You can help to make these percentages higher.

College educations also help the economy. Families living in poverty receive services and money from the government to help them live a heathy life. If everyone could afford to get a college degree, they’d have better paying jobs, so that they could live off of the money that they made, instead of the government’s. This would increase the amount of money that the government could spend on other important things. If everyone made more money, it would greatly increase our country’s GDP per capita.

Many countries already provide free college tuition for everyone. The following countries do this; Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, and France. I want you to make this happen for our country, too. I want you to make sure that all college tuition costs are discarded, all throughout America, so that everyone can afford college. It would help our economy as a whole, and help people to live better, healthier lives.


Amelia S.