Tamarah S. Mississippi

Abortion is Illegal!!!🚫❌

Abortions shouldn't be legal

Dear Future President, 

Abortions happen every year. According to the healthcare, every 5 years about 1.6 million females have an abortion.  To solve this the government and the health care people should make abortions illegal.

 Abortions can cause a major lack of trust and communication. Abortions put people in a mind that they don't ever want to have a baby. This mainly  caused by women being raped or sexually assaulted. Also, it stops people from communicating about their feelings and thoughts. Women talk about having an abortion but don't get really good details.

 Abortions can affect the mother's body and appearance.  When having abortions women don't want to have one but when they do they remember how that pregnancy happened. 


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English III Aberdeen

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