Tyonia S. Mississippi

Black Lives Matter

Killing African Americans is WRONG!!!!!

Dear Future President,

     Why are so many unarmed young black men being shot down instead of tazed? If nothing is done about this police officers are going to wipe us out like animals. I say animals because the police and government are not treating us equally, we fought for equal protection and to be treated the same years ago. To solve this crisis, the government should convict more police officers and stick to the 14th Amendment that we fought for years ago.

      The government should convict more police officers because they are getting away with shooting unarmed black men. For example, Michael Brown was shot down and he was unarmed. The police left Michael Brown's body in the road and watched him die. His mother had to sit there and watch this and I can only imagine how unbearable that was to watch. I believe Michael Brown's mother would have felt relieved if she was to see an officer get convicted but she didn't. This goes to show how officers aren't charged with murder for killing an unarmed young man. In an article, Matt Ferner stated, " in fact, since 2005, there have only been 13 officers convicted of murder[...]" It is now 2016 and it is time for justice for our African American innocent men.

       The 14th Amendment was adopted in 1868 and it addresses citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws. The government should stick to the 14th Amendment we fought for years ago. The police are treating us like animals. The reason I say they are treating us like animals is because the police in North Carolina were shooting African Americans with rubber bullets and those are used on animals. The police do not understand that "All Lives Matter". Black lives matter just as well as anyone else because we are all people and we are all equal. This all goes back to equality. 

       So as the new president of the United States you should stick to the law and get justice for our innocent African American young men. The police officers should get convicted for shooting our brothers and sisters down. If you were to stick to the law this chaos would stop in the United States.  


          Tyonia Smith