Carlos O. California

Animal Rights

This letter is about A Gorilla that was killed when a kid umped into his enclosure and the Gorilla was killed. Animals Rights need to improve and this is a big example of that.

Animal rights have not been so equal throughout the years. In 2016 a Silver back Gorilla named Harambe was shot and killed when a 3 year kid jumped into the Gorilla's enclosure. It’s really bad how the news tried to make the parents seem more responsible by saying “as the child slipped into the gorilla’s enclosure” but he jumped inside when the parents were just looking. The only thing Harambe did was just drag a kid in the water and the employees did not do anything to tranquilize Harambe instead they killed him. Harambe dying caused a lot of memes and songs to be made. There is a side to the story that is serious and there is people who find it funny to make “Dank Memes” for Harambe. These include music that has been bass boosted and also pictures always changing colors. but this Gorilla Species is nearly extinct which makes it very serious and for the Cincinnati Zoo to kill Harambe was really unnecessary. also because the gorilla was kept in an enclosure for basically it’s whole life. The Zoo could’ve tranquilized Harambe but they said “If we do the gorilla will be aggressive” but how were they supposed to know if they did not try to tranquilize him. After the kid was rescued and the gorilla was killed then a lot of people started to know who Harambe was until he died in the 28 of may.     

Lakeview MIddle School

Woods Period 1

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