Hannah Oklahoma

The Issue of National Debt

National Debt has been an issue for too long, it is time to see a plan that could make some changes.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Congratulations on becoming the next president of our great nation. With such a position comes great responsibility, you now represent America as a whole, including the citizens within it. One must take into consideration the consequences of any and all actions taken by one holding such authority. There are many problems within our country, some larger than others. One that I would like to see addressed, and consider more important than others, is the debt that our nation faces.

The national debt has been a rising issue for quite some time and has continued to get worse rather than better. I would like to see a plan that intends to address the debt accumulating over the years and aims to decrease the raising amount and decrease the already present amount. I would also hope to see the issue addressed concerning the continuous alterations of the debt ceiling by Congress. Such alterations have only increasing the debt that our nation is in and will make it more difficult to pay off such a huge amount of money.


Hannah Flournoy