Kylene B. Michigan

Why Sexism Is a Problem.

My letter is about all of the reasons sexism is a problem around the world.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Artists use offensive and degrading lyrics and themes towards women, unfair pay due to gender, discrimination, and gender stereotypes. These are all problems around the world. I believe that sexism is a huge problem in modern society.

Some things that I have seen related to sexism, is Women get paid 78.6% as much as men in many work organizations. This is wrong, just because women have different body parts doesn’t mean we should get paid less, when we work just as hard as men. A possible solution for this is to enforce equal pay laws more.

Another example of sexism in the US is music artists using offensive and degrading lyrics towards women, and making them seem like objects. How would men like it if women used offensive lyrics and made men seem like objects? What if women were the ones that seemed superior to men? Society would be a lot different than what society is today.A possible solution to this is to ban this, and stop supporting artists that use those types of lyrics.

An example of sexism that I have seen and heard many times is, schools don’t usually offer wrestling and football to girls. I have only ever heard of one female football player in school leagues. In my opinion, that is ridiculous! Yes, women and girls have a naturally smaller build than men, but that shouldn’t mean they can’t play football or participate in wrestling. Very few women are interested, but to the women who are, fixing this would mean a lot to them. A possible solution is to try not to make it as awkward for a girl joining a football team or wrestling. I know this is not a excellent solution, but when it comes to solving problems, you have to be creative, right?

I think sexism is a huge problem in modern society, and this is another example of sexism in sports. Baseball is almost never open to women and girls, just like softball is almost never open to men and boys. Why is this? Just because softball pitches are easier, it’s apparently for girls? And just because men have a usually bigger build, they have to play baseball? I think this is a perfect example of sexism, honestly. Just because men and women have different body shapes doesn’t mean we have to play entirely different sports, and have to be put in a awkward situation just because we play a different sport than most people our gender? A possible solution to this is to open free sign-ups to whatever gender you are for baseball and softball, and for humans to try not to be so judgemental.

Sadly, it’s not just with women that sexism is a problem. Men who participate in gymnastics, or figure skating, and are passionate about that activity, they are viewed as feminine, wrong, gay. Why people view them like that? Because humanity is at fault. Because people are agreeing 

 with discrimination. Because mankind is dumb, and stubborn in changing their ways. It is up to our kind to find a solution to this problem.