Teagan Michigan

Stop Suicide With Me

This is about people committing suicide and this is a growing problem I want fixed so if you are interested read the paragraphs.

Dear Next President,

I’m telling you that more and more people are committing suicide and I think that it’s because of being drunk and having nowon to be with to do whatever they need to expres. I have found some websites that I have found to help solve the problem and why people are committing suicide in the US.

These are the websites that tell you why people are committing suicide. Mass say that people that commit suicide have family history of suicide, they are drunk, or have a lack of interaction with other people. Mentalhealthamerica said that 40% of people that commit suicide are older than 60 and 30% of that 40% are men.And save said that overall more people that commit suicide have mental illnesses.

These are some websites that will tell you a little bit about how to treat people with suicidal thoughts. Mass said that there are some madisons that will help but not stop suicide. And metancia replied saying that you can make sure that there are no things that can hurt them bad and make sure that you get them to a specialist to check and see what is bothering them making them want to commit suicide.

If you have any way to stop suicide please try because I want no one to die from committing suicide. THANK YOU!!!


Teagan M.