Delaney Michigan

Animal Extinction

This letter is about Animal Extinction. It talks about why animal extinction is a bad thing and what cause's it.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

I believe that Animal Extinction is bad because you would never hear the birds singing and the sounds other animals make. You might think it’s not bad but it is. Animals live all around us yet some day they won't live on earth ever again. People cause all these problems every day and they never know they are hurting innocent animals because of themselfs. People don’t even care what happens to animals that aren't there pets.

Right now our world is in the middle of its sixth mass extinction of animals because of people. Most of the problems we have with animals is because some people hunt the animals that are close to extinction. There are ways people could stop extinction and one way is stop hunting. Most people don’t know that in the past 500 years at least 1,000 species have gone extinct all because of them. The easy thing to do to stop animal extinction is eat less meat.

There's a lot of things that we could do to stop animal extinction for example you could adopt a species or become a citizen scientist. The most helpful thing of all is being kind to nature and stop harming animals. Animal cruelty also has a big part in animal extinction because some people think it’s funny to hurt animals which could lead to animal extinction. The more people help the more animals that are safe.

Wherever you are people will always hurt animals and someday it will affect the world but you can stop animal extinction by helping nature. That's why I believe that animal extinction is bad. So future president would you help stop animal extinction. Most of the credit goes to and