Nathan Michigan

Stray Animals

Think about how many stray animals there are. Don't you think America should have more animal hospitals, etc.?

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

I believe that all stray dogs and cats should be either spayed or neutered. This is because there are over 7.6 million stray cats and dogs. Therefore, if animal shelters, humane societies, or veterinarians spay or neuter dogs and cats, they won’t breed and create more stray animals.

In my town, there are not really any stray animals except for one dog who basically lives in the neighborhood. I have only saw about two stray animals in my neighborhood. This is probably because there are numerous animals shelters, veterinarians, and humane societies around my house that take care of strays. The veterinarian close to my house does a very good job with animals in general. So, I’m sure she would do good with strays.

“Experienced and skilled vets, state of the art medicine, and a beautiful, spacious facility…” Companion Animal Hospital says. That is why I think that Companion Animal Hospital is the best choice for strays.

To stop stray animals from breeding and creating more strays, I think we should build more Animal hospitals and have cats and dogs spayed or neutered.