Alec D. Ohio

Heroin Use

Heroin use in the United States is worsening every year and the government of the United States needs to find a better way to decrease the number of heroin users.

Dear Future President,

The issue of heroin in the United States is getting worse every year. Many people think that heroin addicts should get to go to drug rehabilitation as many times as they need to so that they can quit using heroin. Although, drug rehabilitation does not always work, and there are better ways to handle this problem. Many people are dying everyday from heroin. People in the United States have people they care about addicted to heroin and some of those people have died. They do not want their family members to become addicted to heroin. The health of people using heroin does lead to severe problems and many people die every day because of it, proving that the United States’s government should find a better way to stop people from using heroin and prevent them from using it again.

Becoming addicted to heroin is a lot of times caused by patients misusing their medications (painkillers). The patients become addicted to painkillers and they keep wanting more. Eventually these people move on to heroin because it is cheap and easy to obtain. Other ways that people become addicted to heroin are becoming very depressed, not having happiness and not wanting happiness, and peer pressure.

Being addicted to heroin can lead to serious health problems. People addicted to heroin can pass out and hurt themselves when they pass out. People can even die from overdosing heroin. About seventy-eight people die a day from overdosing heroin and painkillers. Lots of people also get revived after overdosing heroin. Lots of people that are addicted to heroin like use heroin in towns where there are employees and workers that carry Narcan (antidote for overdoses).

There are many ways that people think the United States should go about this problem. Some towns have their public bathrooms closed to the public and they make special free standing bathrooms on busy sidewalks. These bathrooms have slats in the bottom so that police can see if is passed out on the floor of the bathroom. An example of this type of bathroom is the Portland Loo. This solution does not completely solve the problem of people using heroin though. Another solution is people that are arrested for using heroin should be allowed to go to drug rehabilitation. If the that person gets arrested for using heroin again, they either get one more chance at drug rehabilitation or go to jail depending on what the court thinks should be best for that person’s situation.

So, it is up to you future president, to make the number of heroin deaths, users, and dealers decrease.This is a very important issue and it will affect our entire country based on what you do. If you make the right decision, our country will become safer, healthier, and there will be less deaths. If nothing is done, heroin users, deaths, and dealers will keep increasing, making society more dangerous for everyone. Are you going to let that happen future president, or are you going to make a change?


Alec D.

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Brookville 8th Grade Students

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