Keanen Ohio

Fix The School System

My story is about how school days should be shorter, we should have no homework. We should just have time to be kids.

Dear future president, 10/27/16

I am writing to you because public school needs to change. We have long school days this is a problem because kids are spending 7 hours at school. We then come home and have to do hours of homework. Adults go to work for 8 hours, come home and get paid to do what they do. I am a student at Oak Hills High school and I see this every day. Kids should have time to be kids not stuck doing school work for most of the day, I don't want my kids to be in a classroom all day doing the same stuff over and over aging, having a lot of stress. I want them to go to school, see what the world is like, and be successful.

If we have shorter school days and no homework the USA would have a higher graduation rate and more kids will go.Research shows that schools that have shorter school days and have no homework have a higher graduation rate “U.S has 75% graduation rates, Canada has 78%, and Finland has a 95%.” This shows that we can be more successful and be higher than Finland”. This means that having shorter school days, no homework more kids will graduate, be more successful in their life. This also shows that America is not the smartest country in the world, other countries are getting smarter than us, achieving more, faster than us. I don't know about you I want America to be the smartest and the strongest country I want us to be the most successful country . We could start this by giving kids the time to go see what the real world is like.

We go to school for 7 hours and .....then have to come home and do homework for 2 hours sometimes even more so really we go to school for about 1o hours a day. That does not count for the kids who have to go to work right when we come home from school and have to go to work for 4-9 on a school night. So we are doing work so at the end of the day we work a total of 15 hours. A study at Oak Hills High School shows, “60% of her students complete their homework, 25% attempt but do not complete and 15% do not attempt at all.”For an example i am one of the kids who attempt but don't complete or attempt because after school I go home eat something then I go to work then after work, I feel like for my age I am being overworked as a teen I don't have time to do stuff I want. It is just work, work, work all the time. Schools are putting so much stress on kids to do work. But when I do come home i have to take a shower and eat dinner, then study for tests that I have in different classes. At this time it's 10:30-11:00 and then i have to do my homework or attempt it for 7 different classes, now I am so tired so I go to bed. At max, I get 7 hours of sleep when teen are supposed  to get an average of 8 hours of sleep to function fully. Finally, I wake up and go to school tired and repeat them steps all over aging. I have no time to interact with other kids or do anything fun. We should have time to be kids. A study at Stanford University in 2013, there were findings that revealed that students who had too much homework found themselves experiencing stress, physical health difficulties and lack of interaction with the public. 

This is important because making school days shorter and taking out homework kids could have more time to focus on getting a job, start to acting like a young adult. Kids and teens get a chance to find out what they want to do in life. They can go out and experience different jobs they might want to do. You can't learn this by sitting in 7 different classrooms a day. If this change does happen, we could get more kids to stay in school, and not drop out. It would take a lot of stress off of kids and teens in school, because we will have a chance to go interact with the world and get to see what it is like. Just think we can't do that by sitting in a classroom for 7 hours a day and having homework every single week. It's time to let kids be kids and make a change. 

Thank you,


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