Lexi Ohio

Healthier foods for students

I think that schools should start serving kids more healthier foods that we will enjoy.

October 31,2016

Dear Future President,

I think school should serve healthier foods for students. Children who eat school lunches have higher bad cholesterol. When they donโ€™t eat the lunch are less likely to participate in any activities. They are most likely to eat less fruits and vegetables and more sugary drinks. Kids who eat the lunches might have a health issue and all the cafeteria serves are cheese and chicken and other food that aren't really healthy and effects what their health is. That is how they start packing lunches from home and what they are served they could be allergic to.

How it is caused and can effect us is, you can get an illness and they are grossed out by the food they are not forced to put on the trays before leaving the cafeteria. There is also poor nutrition from schools. The lunches sometimes effects their weight gain. A child that eats too much fats, sugar, etc. Has a higher risk of health problems according to livestrong.com

What ways that can be done about the causes and effects of the lunches? Is to start getting food that contains less fats and unhealthy food and get heathier foods that kids will eat like different kids of choices they can pick from. And they could start to enjoy eating the foods are school.

Others say what they serve is not good for our health and could effect our bodies and its not something that most kids would like to eat so they choose not to eat it. And others say the food is fine and should keep it how it is because they like what they serve and could at least eat something.

If we do this kids will be happy and start eating their lunch instead of packing and starving. There will be less chances of having issues with their health. It will really change the way of how they see in the foods.



Fairfield Middle School

Mrs. Brinker's 8th grade students

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