Isaac K. Ohio


War can get us all killed.

Dear President Trump:

There are many problems with our country, but you should already know that. We both know that Russia, China, North Korea, ISIS, terrorists, the threat of WW3, nuclear war, and war in general are some problems to list. I know you respect Putin as a leader and I can see the USA becoming allies with Russia, but China, North Korea, and ISIS are the ones you need to look out for.

In fact China is gaining power faster than us(USA). Another thing about China is if they get enough power they can take us out. Moving on from China. According to The Political Insider, North Korea got a bomb ready to hit the heart of Manhattan,New York City. North Korea has shown that it has the worst human rights abuses and it still run prison camps that treat inmates like slaves. The worst part is that we don’t have anybody in the White House to stand up to this despotic regime. Now on to ISIS, they are group of terrorists that killed a total of 55,047 people as of January 29th,2016 according to Procon. Like who knows how many people they killed now. According to the George Washington University, ISIS is in America.

Now, the threat of WW3 that could end up being a nuclear war. This would certainly cause the extinction of humanity. One thing this would cause an ice age that will ruin food production.A nuclear war will poison our air that we breath. If the air is poisoned we would obviously die. Even the human that live in bunkers will run out of food and starve to death. So my thing is, if there ever is a WW3, that would be the end of humanity.So Trump, just don't drop a bomb.


Isaac Kraus