Carl Ohio

Bye, bye, Bullies!

We need to give bullies harsher punishments. They're not going to change if we keep giving them baby punishments.

October 31, 2016

Dear Future President,

We all know that bullying is one of the biggest issues teens are facing today. According to, "3.2 million students in the U.S alone are victims of bullying each year." And this number can still rise if we don’t anything. And states that "Often the bullies will face suspension or expulsion from school."

Do you really think that suspending and kicking students or BULLIES out of school will do anything? Do you think that this will teach them a lesson? Do you think that the people who were being bullied will think its fair that all the bullies will only get suspension or expulsion? Because I don’t. You're going to be one of the most influential people in America. You can change this.

Suspensions and expulsions are not enough. The said " Bullying can lead to decreased academic performance, increased school drop out rates, increased depression and even suicide in some extreme cases." Bullying caused all these. And suspensions or expulsions will serve justice for the people who took their own lives. I also believe that if we do this, suicide rates will decrease, academic performance will increase, and everyone will be happy.

I believe that bullies need to face harsher punishments. I would say that bullies need to go to juvenile for a month or longer and pay a fee. This would make them think twice that if they ever bully again, they will face harsher and harsher punishments. As a kid, I know the feeling of not being as important as other people. Like you're just someone who is worthless. That feeling is not good so we need to do more so less people would feel this. Please, make notice of this problem.



Fairfield Middle School

Mrs. Brinker's 8th grade students

The 8th graders in Mrs. Brinker's 8th grade classes have written letters to the Next President about issues they find important to their own lives and our country.

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