Allie Iowa

GMO Labeling

GMOs are a positive solution to world hunger.

Dear Future President,

     With so many issues facing America today, you may ask why I choose to talk about the topic of GMO labeling. My father is a seed salesman for Monsanto and sells many GMO products. He is very informed about what GMOs are and claims that they are a safe product.

     I agree with the labeling of GMOs and believe that people should know what is in their food. I believe that GMOs are an advancement in agriculture and will benefit the world in future years. Most people do not realize how much food is made with GMOs, and if the United States makes it a law, it will be an eye opener for many consumers. The science behind GMOs is very complex but also very safe. Foods have to pass qualifications to get on the shelf; therefore, GMOs are not life threatening like many say.

     As said on the website, Genetically Modified Organisms reduce the use of pesticides which actually improves our environment. Because of the natural process of fertilization in the wild, genetically modifying plants is not much different other than it is in a controlled environment. Monsanto is trying to create more food for the population growth. By 2050, there are going to be over 9.7 billion people in this world. How are we going to feed everyone? Monsanto is just trying to solve the problem of world hunger.

I ask you to consider my thoughts and opinions referring to the topic of GMO labeling. I hope I have persuaded you to think about the benefits that GMOs produce. Are you going to promote GMOs or are you going to ban them and create more world hunger? You choose. I would love to hear back from you and continue discussing this with you.


Allison N.