Spenser S. Iowa

Letter to the Next President

This letter expresses my feelings regarding current immigration policies.

Dear Future President of the United States,

I am writing this letter to address the increasingly heated topic of illegal immigration.  This topic has especially been debated throughout the 2016 election. With the increased number of immigrants entering the U.S. in recent years, I think we need to revisit immigration policies.

There are many jobs in the U.S., however, most of them are filled, many with illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants enter this country willing to work for less than minimum wage, so companies will hire them over legal American citizens. A problem with this system is that illegal immigrants can take advantage of welfare benefits if they wind up unemployed.  Some states have more jobs for illegal immigrants than others; however, I think there needs to be a national law passed to crack-down on immigration rather than leaving it to individual states. 

Currently, about 13% of the American population is made up of immigrants who are in the process of obtaining citizenship or are living here illegally. What are you going to do about all the illegal immigrants already here? These immigrants come from all over the globe. I think that we need to have stricter border controls to prevent so many illegal immigrants from entering our country. These illegal immigrants are also negatively impacting their children's futures, too.  For example, children of illegal citizens are not allowed to attend school.

In conclusion, I believe that immigration reform is one of the most important topics facing our nation today. Like I mentioned before, 13% of the United States' population is here illegally, a very big number. I think we need to take measures to lockdown our borders and remove illegal immigrants that are currently in our country. It is important to get some of the jobs that they have back to the American citizens that donโ€™t have one.


Spenser S.