Shawn C. Texas

Gun Violence

Guns are very big in America, but not always for the right reason.

Dear Future President,

Gun violence is something going on in America that is really dangerous, and causing lots of people to die, some of it even comes from the cops that claim that their gonna keep us safe yet they put our lives at stake. Know i’m not saying that all cops kill innocent people, but some do. But their not the only one’s. According to USA Gun Violence Statistics, more than 30,000 people are killed every year in America. More than 30 people are shot each day, and a half of the people die between ages of 18 and 35. That’s extremely sad, knowing all those people die, and a mother would have to burry her own son. And one third of the people that die are under 20. That’s basically graduating High School, and someone took their life from them, so they can’t accomplish all the goals they had wanted to. Homicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-24 years of age. This really frustrates me because of the fact that so many young people die, if they had a child, their child is left alone, not having their father, or mother. And also the fact that parents have to see their young children pass, one moment you’re changing his or her diaper, the next you’re having to join a funeral, and you look at you child lying there, in a tight box, about to be dug, and left under a whole bunch of dirt. There are also more than 10,000 gun homicides annually. And also one of the primary causes of death onto African Americans. We need to do something about this cause sooner or later, the statistics will raise higher and higher, and the age limit will start getting lower and lower, and it’s gonna be a disaster, looking on the news and all you hear is about another person dying from a gun related crime. We need to find a solution with this problem, so future president please have a solution for this, because if we don’t stop it now, it’ll get worse and out of control. Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it.