Taylor Iowa

World Hunger

Lets put World Hunger to a stop!

Dear Future President,

Today I would like to take this opportunity to express my concern over the issue of world hunger in hopes that perhaps you can use some of the resources available to you to address this growing problem.

One out of every nine people in the world are malnourished or simply don’t have enough to eat. This is approximately 795 million people in the world that are left without enough food to lead the lifestyle they require just to survive.

The problem of hunger doesn’t just happen overnight. I believe that if we could work to reduce poverty, that we could simultaneously improve our hunger crisis at the same time. People living in poverty tend to live lifestyles that are less than desirable and most struggle to meet their basic needs including the need for food. One way I think we could help in ridding the hunger crisis would be to encourage more farming so that we are producing more crops and therefore feeding more people, along with decreasing prices of those crops, making them more affordable for all. There are always going to be setbacks in the farming industry, like natural disasters, such as tornadoes and floods. Our government could assist with this by increasing the federal relief it provides to those farmers in times of need. Helping them, is providing assistance for many.

I hope you will take my concerns into consideration and explore ideas to find a solution to this growing epidemic.


Taylor R.