Lezlie N. Illinois

Illegal Immigrants Benefit the Country

Illegal Immigrants Help the Country in Many Ways.

Dear future President,

America is a country of immigrants from all over the world. Our country wouldn’t be the way it is without the diverse group of people that live here. Illegal immigrants should have the right to live in this country,and get a citizenship.They benefit the country by starting businesses,working in agriculture,and bringing different cultures to the nation.

Did you know that immigrants are more than twice as likely to start a business as the native-born.According to sba.gov, “Roughly one out of ten immigrant workers owns a business and 620 of 100,000 immigrants(0.62 percent) start a business each month.”This means that immigrants are found to have higher business ownership rates than non-immigrants and that they are making a bigger impact in the business world than non-immigrants.

Another reason that illegal immigrants deserve a citizenship is that they help agriculture and push it forward to make it better than it is . Agriculture is good for our nation because it forms the basis for food security. It helps people grow the most absolute food crops and raise the right animals with conformance to environmental factors.So withought people working on the fields people would die of hunger because we aren’t getting food and the indrustry would go to waste. Thehill.com says, “In terms of overall numbers, The Department of Labor reports that of the 2.5 million farm workers in the U.S., over half (53 percent) are illegal immigrants. Growers and labor unions put this figure at 70 percent.”Agriculture is an important industry and without people working in that business we wouldn’t be able to get the necessities that we need.

Last and final reason that they should be granted a citizenship is because they have all brought different cultures to the U.S and helped enrich the country. Not only illegal immigrants but people in general bring original ideas and ambitious spirit to the U.S economy.

Over all Illegal immigrants benefit the country and they should be given the right to have a citizenship with all the good impact that they have made in this country,such as starting businesses,working in agriculture,and bringing diversity to the country. We wouldn’t be the nation that we are without the diverse group of people that come here to have a better life and make something of themselves and to provide for their families.


Lezlie N.N