Seth Green Ohio


Need Stronger Men and Women to protect our Great Nation.

Problems facing the U.S. Military

Need to have Stronger Men and Women to Protect our Great Nation.

Dear Future President:

I am writing this letter to you because I feel like the biggest problem right now for our country is our military because it has been not as powerful as it use to be, people are not joining the military, and weapons.

Military is the next big thing that can possibly change our lives. The way that people do this because want to protect the country. The problem about it is that people are not like pasting tests to get into the academy or they just don’t want to do it, the percent of people joining is about 0.5% which sounds pretty low in my opinion. I feel like the number of people serving is dramatically shrinking.

Our enemy ISIS is causing more terrorism in the world right now. I feel like ever since Obama was elected as President of the

United States, he hasn’t done anything that can help us to stop ISIS. It cost millions of dollars for weapons and equipment fighting terror which is putting our country in more debt than ever.

Our weapons are not being used or The Pentagon is not allowing The Congress to buy more weapons if or don’t need which sounds wrong because all the military bases are suffering massive cuts under sequestration which began in 2012. They all agreed that would not be able to continue to meet mandatory missions under The National Defense Strategy, which means winning a major war, and deter the threats of a second, major enemy and protect the homeland at the same time.

In my opinion, I feel like we need to know we want to be taken care of and feel safe in our country because we can make a lot of great changes and that can begin with our Military base by having more recruits, weapons in good condition to fight enemies, and good men and women that can serve our great nation and keep it safe. This can help by saving more lives and less terrorism in the world. I hope that you understand what is the probably the first thing you should take care of at office and I would like to wish you best of luck at office.


Seth Green