Lisa S. Ohio


Reasons why undocumented immigrants shouldn't be deported.

Dear Mr.President:

Undocumented immigrants make up such a big part of the U.S workforce and benefit the economy greatly. That should be taken into consideration before they’re are deported and sent back to their home country. I’m writing this because I believe that undocumented immigrants deserve to be given as much opportunities as someone with a citizenship.

Quite a lot of undocumented immigrants come to the U.S to escape poverty and provide a better future for their children, or to escape the danger of war torn countries. This refugee tells her experience of being in a worn torn country. According to,“We are seeking a better future. But instead an isolated life with fear and were guiltless prisoners in a golden cage". According to news, "3 million immigrants in the U.S come from war torn countries in search for a better future. This reveals that lots of immigrants come to America seeking safety and hope, and visas take years to get.

Undocumented Immigrants also benefit our economy greatly. If all undocumented immigrants were to be deported the social security would take a hit. According to, ”Undocumented workers contribute 13 billion in payroll taxes to old age, survivor and disability insurance in 2010, a Social Security Administration study from 2013 found. They accessed about $1 billion in benefits, so that nets to a $12 billion contribution that wouldn't exist if you deported them". According to the ”. Did you also know that 53% of farming workers are undocumented immigrants. This evidence reveals that if we deport all undocumented immigrants our money would lose so much money and our economy would go into recession."

Undocumented are willing to do the less professional jobs like service occupations such as cooks, maids, and ground keepers. According to, “ You take these workers away, you're removing 8.1 million workers from the American labor force.” This evidence shows just how much Immigrants are part of the workforce, and that the employment rate in America would increase. The website states,”Reducing the undocumented immigrant population by 50 percent through border control or deportation would boost the native unemployment rate for unskilled workers by about 1.13 percent.”

These are key reasons why I believe that undocumented immigrants shouldn’t be deported but given opportunities. Undocumented immigrants benefit our economy and workforce. So instead deporting them we should help and guide on the path to getting citizenship.


Lisa S.