Numaan S. California

The Use of Drones

Dear Future President, an issue I am concerned about is how drones are being used in the Middle East. The use of drones has become popular in the War on Terror. While its usage prevents putting troops on the ground and thus saves the lives of countless soldiers, it also results in countless civilian casualties. Countless children lose their lives in the War on Terror because of imprecise drone strikes. Innnocents that the US should be protecting from terror groups are instead being killed by our own weapons. 

These grave mistakes have many aftereffects. The families of the deceased might see the US as an oppressor and join terror groups for vengeance. This results in the creation of new enemies of the US. Our country is already fighting a difficult battle with ISIS and other extremist groups. The collateral damage from these drone strikes only strengthens our enemies and we should put more research in these weapons before deploying them. By reducing collateral damage we also reduce the number of enemies we make in the US.