Ashlyn K. Ohio

College Debt

College student loan debt is a big issue that many students are facing and it needs to be solved.

Dear Future President,

Even though I still have a few years until I go to college, I think about what school I want to go to, what I want to be and the costs at the schools i’m interested in. The costs to go to college are tremendously high these days, not everyone can afford it. People want to go to college and end up debt free in the end but this doesn’t happen for most students. Some people can afford to just pay all the debt off right away,or not have to take out loans so this wouldn't affect them very much but it would affect a lot of other people. This is an important issue because people don’t want to be in debt but they want to have the job they want, and have a college education. You should help out by having colleges lower the prices and take away certain costs that should not be necessary anyway, resulting in more people being able to go to college.

More people are going to college now than ever. When you're in college you have many costs that you have to pay for. Things like room and board, books, tuition, etc; Well these prices all start to add up and most people can’t pay for them on the spot. So people have to take out student loans. Then when you graduate from college our usually in debt from all the loans that you had to take out. The average amount of debt is $30,000. It can take a long time to pay off your debt. As the years go on and you're trying to pay it off, interest gets added onto your total of loan debt that you had already. At least 7 million Americans have missed or forgotten to make a payment on their debt. You could start with $5,000 in debt and after a few years end up with $15,000 from interest. I don’t think that this is very fair. No one wants worry about or be in a ton of debt after they graduate. I’m going to be going to college in a few years and I know I don’t want to be in a ton of debt after I graduate. This is a big problem because a lot of people are going to college which means a lot of people are in debt.

About 44 million Americans are in debt from student loans and with that, like I explained before, people are starting to not be able to afford the other things that they need, and people are constantly worried about their debt. College costs so much money. There is 1.3 trillion dollars worth of loan debt from college students in America. College might even end up getting more expensive if we don’t do something about it now. If it does get more expensive, more and more people aren’t going to be able to afford it so that’s less people we will have working and doing the jobs that we need done like, nurses, doctors, paramedics etc; These people are going to college so they can be apart of helping the country by doing the jobs that need done.

There are many ways that this problem could be helped/solved. One is having more grants offered to students to help pay for some of these college costs. Or honestly couldn’t we take away some of the unnecessary costs? We are going to college to help and take part in our world and get a job to do so, so why do we need to pay a ton of money to be educated? Some people can’t afford even a high school education let alone a college education with the prices of it today. Most people are trying to go to college because they want to. I believe that some of the costs are necessary like, books, and if you want to live there and your food, but I think we should take away the tuition costs. This would make things so much easier and make it a lot easier for people to go to school and afford it. More people would be able to attend college and no one would have to worry about having thousands and thousands of dollars in debt after college. We might still have a little bit and there will still be some costs but definitely not as much as there is now.

In the end it is up to you to help the Americans in debt by taking away the tuition costs of college so students aren’t in as much debt as they would be with tuition. Don’t you want people to go to college so they can be apart of the jobs we need? America will be filled with lot’s of unemployed, lazy, uneducated people if we don’t fix this issue soon. So Future President please help future and current college students be debt free after they graduate.



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