Grace Iowa

Taking The Rights of Guns Away

This essay is about having the right to our guns.

Dear Future President,

How are guns a big issue in today’s world? A gun doesn’t go around killing people, it is the messed up people that use a gun as weapons, or as a source of payback. A majority of the people don’t use guns as a weapon. They use it as pleasure or as a source to get food to feed their family.. People may say well they don’t need their guns to get them food, just go to the store, but many people can’t afford to buy meat every week. Killing their food may be a family tradition or something a family does every year as their food source to save money.

How would it be fair to take away our gun rights and to let the military still use them? The military is using guns to kill, so if the government is trying to get rid of the deaths from guns, then why is it fair that the military gets to use them? Yes, the military does use them to protect our country and to help fight in war, but they wouldn’t be following the rule of “not using guns to kill.”

Many state that guns do kill and that they are dangerous because they have been a leading reason of deaths. I find this claim wrong because those who have killed have been people who have issues. Stated by Just Facts, “77% of the homicide suspects identified by police had prior criminal records.” Therefore, this shows that the reason why people get killed by guns is because they have something wrong with them, or they have a hatred and want to kill. For those who have a criminal record or have been to jail for something along those lines, then it should be illegal for them.

In conclusion, many ask what the benefits of taking away our gun rights would be? A majority of people will just be very angry because the government took away their right to hunt or just shoot for practice or pleasure. There is no reason to take away guns. Many people will just get frustrated with the government.