Anjelica G. Iowa

The Struggling Welfare System

Welfare and Unemployment rates in the United States.

Dear President,

I write you today with great concern that has been a problem for several years. My great concern in this country is unemployment rates and the welfare system.It has been a concern for many years and has gone up and down. Unemployment rates are high for many different reasons, and I think you can lower it.

I think the Welfare System can have a lot to do with the unemployment rates. There are many different reasons for people are unemployed, but there are also reasons people shouldn’t be unemployed. This is a serious issue because people that are able to work aren’t working, and it’s taking away money from the government when they sign up for Welfare. I’m not saying everyone on Welfare doesn’t deserve it. Many people that are in need for this system and are employed are denied, and people that don’t need it that are unemployed and are able to work get accepted to receive Welfare.

This is a great concern to me because we wouldn’t be in as much debt as we are. If we removed Welfare from those that are able to be employed and able to make enough money to take care of their families, and take that money and use it for better use, we wouldn’t be in as much debt as it is.

When I think about this issue, it gets me upset because I know several people that are in need of assistance and they were denied.The amount that is spent on Welfare each month is $668 billion. The total households that were receiving Welfare at the end of the 2012 was 109,631,000. This results in about 34.4% of all people living in the United States are on Welfare. From what I’ve researched, about 8.2% of the people on Welfare shouldn’t be getting the support. If we did the calculations, we would be saving several billions of dollars.

The money should be used for people that have disabilities and single mothers that are really in need. There are so many people with disabilities and single mothers that would love the extra help and getting over the rough times in life. If we started limiting the money to people that aren’t really struggling, we would have more money to address several issues in our country and be in less debt.

Okoboji High School

OHS College Comp I

A group of juniors and seniors at Okoboji High School in Northwest Iowa

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