Trent V. Iowa


Clowns are crazy

To the Future President:

My name is Trent Van Gilst and I am 12 years old and live in Oskaloosa, Iowa and live out on a farm.

I am writing to talk to you about this killer clown craze that is going on here in the states. If the clowns are actually luring kids into the woods we have to do something about it. We know for sure that clowns are scaring people, but are they actually trying to kill them. Clowns are creepy and extremely dangerous when they have a lethal weapon with them like a knife. But some clowns get beat up really bad and regret their choice.

This Issue matters to me because people are getting scared out of their wittes and calling the police even thought it’s just a prank, or is it. I really don't want to be attacked by a clown of any sort. Some people like the Idea of “Clown Hunting” and I'm not sure If they're crazy or what but they are taking a risk. Also I don't know if the clowns get freaked out also. Where did this come from in the first place?

You should care about it to because people are starting to protect themselves with guns and shooting the clown when it might just be a prank. And that includes gun violence which is unacceptable in this country.

You can help this by having cops on patrol regularly. Also convincing people to increase the price on the clown costumes. People are plain stupid when it comes to clowns, why would they want to do that any way. Also people are calling the cops a lot so that makes more work for the police.

Exodus 20: 13 “You shall not murder”. This is one of the biggest things that is being deliberately disobeyed, This is what we all need to work on, the 10 commandments. God is who holds this nation together and we are disobeying that. In God we shall trust.

We have to take care of this because this is starting to go crazy and we need your help with it president. There isn't going to be any clowning around here president. Let's stop this Killer clown craze.

Sincerely, Trent Van Gilst