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Heroin and prescription pill addiction issues

What will our next president do about the addiction problems America has today with these dangerous drugs?

Dear, Mr or Mrs.President

   I am writing to you to address the issue we have in America today of people becoming addicted to heroin and prescription painkillers. These addictions ruin the lives of people and even entire families. Once they become addicted to the drug it is all they can think about. They become jobless and do anything they can to get the drug they love. 20/20 posted an article on about a girl named Ashley who is addicted to heroin. She has gone to prostitution to pay for the drug because she is jobless. She takes 100 hits of the drug every day. She was a college student when she started and she had a promising future. Now that she has become addicted to heroin all of that is down the drain. 

   With heroin becoming increasingly available due to it's new pill form I am wondering what you will do to stop this major crisis. Prescription pills are also causing serious social problems. People become addicted to these painkillers and they continue to get more and more, as their overall health decreases. I think that doctors should test all patients that take these pills to see if they are addicted. If they test positive then the patients should get an alternate treatment for their ailments. I am wondering what you will do as president to stop this from happening. Thank you for reading this, I hope you can solve these problems in your presidency.



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