felicia c. New York

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse like heroin is a big problem. Prescription drug abuse is also a big problem in the U.S. It is a big concern in our world.

Dear Future sir or madam president, 

    Drug abuse is a big problem in our country.I am here to adress this big problem that we have here in our own counry. People get so addicted to painkillers that once they have a bit too much,they can't stop. Then they go from abusing prescription drugs to getting addicted to heroin.  

Tasina interviewed a drug treatment counselor about why blues have become such a problem. He told her that people often justify using them because they assume they’re safe: “they’re manufactured in the United States, prescribed by doctors, and distributed by pharmacies.” Unlike street drugs more than three out of four people who abuse painkillers get them from someone who has a prescription from a doctor to take them.

This is why so many people can easily get addicted and find them anywhere. They try to justify their reason by saying that they are safer than street drugs because they are prescribed by a doctor. Although any drug is still the same just that some a regulated like painkillers so that people do not get addicted. People sometimes abuse their medication and without knowing it they are already hooked and can't stop. When they realize that they like the feeling and what it does they want to go deeper and tend to fall into a bigger hole, with Heroin. 

Tasina found out that, increasingly, what comes next for some users is heroin. Why? Because it’s cheaper.

There are people where drugs, like Heroin, has taken over their life. Getting hooked on drugs has become their job and what they constantly think about day and night. In an article posted by 20/20 on abc.com, a girl named Ashley describes her life, now that she is an addict. She got the taste of heroin in college. She liked the feeling it gave her so she had some more. Now she is in prostitution trying to pay for the drug, instead of trying to better herself.  She is now jobless. The drug has now become her fulltime job. She takes about 100 hits of heroin a day. She was once a college student with a brighter future ahead of her, but that is all gone now,all she thinks about 24/7 is heroin. Heroin has taken over her life and dug her into a big hole where she can't get out. Her promising future is gone.

Future sir or madam president there can be more people like this girl,suffering the same , or who are worse off. People who can't stop thinking about the drug at all not even for a split second. Others can just be getting addicted to painkillers but they will get into other drugs like heroin not only because it can be found anywhere but because it is cheaper.Heroin is becoming more and more available. Mostly now, because it is in a pill form which can now be easier to get.

Doctors should be able to control this and also be able to stop this from growing. Most of these drug problems begin with the medications the people are given. People should get checked regularly to help prevent this. There should also be other forms of helping people. Thank you for taking the time to read this future president. Please help to try and solve this problem in our world today.


Felicia C.


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