Thomas B. New York

Cost of college

Every year high school seniors look to go to college the next fall. For some, that cannot happen because of the high prices of college.

Dear Sir or Madam President,

 Every year in our country high school seniors are looking at colleges to go to when schools begins  the following fall. The problem is that many colleges charge tuition that is very high and expensive. The high tuition fees can make it hard for some people to be able to go to college to get an education.  Some people who are already in college are being forced to drop out because they can't afford to keep paying the high prices. How can people get their higher education when the prices of getting that education are so inflated? Education is a very important part of many people's futures, which is becoming increasingly difficult to get with the high tuition rates.

College changes many people's entire future career. Think about it. When people go to college it is so that they can get a higher education in a certain topic so they can do something with that skill and knowledge. When people can't afford college they have to do different jobs that may not be the best for them. Many jobs require a college degree to do and when you don't have that degree you have to do other jobs such as being a gas station attendant. Some of the greatest minds in the world may be stuck working at gas stations, when they should be out in the world discovering new cures for diseases or helping people in other ways. College is an important part of many people's lives. 

 From 1971-1972 to now the price of college tuition has gone up exponentially. There should be a price for going in to college, that is understandable. The price to be able to get that higher education that is desired by many should not be so high. There should be a tuition, but not at the price that it is at today. People have talked about having college be free for some people. This is a nice thought, but the money that those students don't pay is forced onto other students who have to make up the difference. The college tuition is too high and it needs to go down. 

As president, I am hoping that you can do something about this problem. Many people want to go to college, but they can't. The tuition is too high. I am hoping that you can find a way to lower the cost of college that way more students can go and get a higher education. To find a way to lower college costs and allow more students to go to college would be something great for America. Please help with the tuition prices of college.


Thomas B

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