Antanaya Virginia

Gun Control

Mr. or Mrs. president of the United States there should be policies on Gun Control. The reasons for this is because people who have a violent background should not be able to have a gun due to his or her mental capabilities, and the second reasons is decrease of gun crime.

  The first reason why there should be gun control is because violent history and or mental capabilities. People who have been in jail or have some sort of violent history should not have a gun because they're capable of doing the crime again. The mentally part of this is that they have no clue on how to use a gun or a permit and in doing that they could hurt people and cause a lot of trouble.

  The second reason there should be gun control is because the crime ratings in the US.  The US is a really great country for amazing opportunities and jobs for people in the US and around the world. People should be able to live in the US without the fear of being killed because their neighbor or some lunatic on the loose and have a gun and is able to harm people. 

  Yes, some people enjoy using guns for hunting and shooting targets but, there are accidents that cannot be risked. I want to live in a country that is full of peace and  happiness and opportunities and in order to do that we have to have gun control.