Lee Kwai Virginia

Illegal Immigration

Reasons why Illegal immigration needs to be taken more serious.

Dear Future President,

     I am Lee Kwai Scott from Culpeper, Virginia. Illegal immigration is against the law, yet people are still coming into the United States illegally. Situations involving who comes in and out of America need to be taken more serious. Immigrants are sneaking over illegally, taking jobs, and are using their children. Situations involving who comes in and out of America need to be taken more serious.

     Illegal immigration has become a conflict for many Americans because of some specific reasons. Immigration is allowed, but no one should be coming to America by sneaking over the border. I understand that immigrants are allowed to come to America, but that is because of laws and rules. For example, having a Visa or having legal papers. The problem is people decide to sneak over or stay after the visa expires and start taking opportunities for jobs. When United States citizens decide to apply for jobs, it becomes harder for them to get the job they need. That's when Americans become lazy and don't attempt looking for jobs. Many illegal immigrants became a large amount in the U.S population and are taking jobs.  Also, they have decided to use "Anchor babies". The term anchor babies means the illegal immigrants come over and have children. When an illegal person decides to have a child in the U.S, it makes the child legal and that means they can stay in America care free. They use their own children as a free ticket to stay in America without getting in trouble. As John Barrasso once stated, " Illegal Immigration continues to be a major problem in the United States. We have people waiting to come here legally. And we should not be rewarding people who have come here illegally." Therefore, illegal immigration needs to be taken more serious in America.

     A solution to illegal immigration would be to strengthen our security. We have an abundance amount of new technology that is coming out, and they could be used as an advantage. Also, there could be background checks and documented papers when immigrants Visa's expire. I appreciate the time you have taken out of your day to read my letter. Many Americans would appreciate the look and help of  Illegal immigration happening in America.