Quentin J. Virginia

Immigration and Illegals in the United States

A letter to the next president about the issue if immigration and illegals in the United States.

Dear Mr. President,

Immigration is a major problem in the America today because illegals are starting to outnumber the actual citizens and it is way too easy to get a citizenship in the United States. In fact nearly “$48.6 million immigrants resided in the United States in the year of 2015, . This is compared to the $45.2 Million people in 2014”(www.Migration policy.org, Zong, Baltova). Nearly 3.4 million people migrated to the United States in one year.The fact that illegals are getting into our country so easily is very concerning as well, I mean just last year there was an estimated 4.7 million immigrants in the United States(www.migration policy.org,Zong, Baltova). Don't you think that something should be done? Well I do, I believe that there should be more protection around all of the United States borders and there should be a lengthier process to become a citizen.

Illegals are an increasing problem in America. These aliens are coming into our country taking our jobs and not getting any punishment whatsoever. I mean come on! In my little town of Winchester, Virginia I know first hand how illegals are ruining our society. I try to be a hard working young man but it's so hard to find work when illegals are taking all of the jobs. I used to cut grass for many of my neighbors but now they get immigrants ,who mysteriously leave by the time immigration services show up, to cut their grass.Such a shame what has happened to today's society that a kid can't even get a job mowing grass. Why might someone hire an illegal immigrant you might ask ,well a man is quoted saying this to a reliable source “Illegals are so much easier to control and are much easier to pay since they don't expect much, it’s a no brainer.”(www.bloomberg.com,Wilkinson). Wow, what a pity. This man's filth, taking jobs away from actual americans is a horrid thing to do.

Why can every person with a sob story come into our country? It makes absolutely no sense. Like with the syrian refugees, if they want to come into our country they need to go through immigration. But maybe even have a little more of a background check, and not just for these people, for everybody. It's very apparent that immigrants are present in the United States and that's okay, I mean immigrants built this country but just as Isaac Newton said in his third law of physics “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”(teachertech.rice.edu). What i'm trying to say is that if you lengthen the immigration service, then less people will migrate here ,and if less people migrate here, they will stay in their home country, and if they stay in their home country they can make goods and sell to the US and if they sell goods to the US then we will buy these goods, and therefore stimulating the world's economy making everything a lot better. This can make for a much happier world.

Immigration is a major problem in our country and i believe that there should be more protection around all of the United States borders and immigration should be a lengthier process.While immigration is an important part of our country we need to think about what is in the best interest of the citizens. So Mr. President, what will you do to save your country?


Quentin Jackson

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