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Immigration poses a risk to Americans

 October 26, 2016

Dear Future President,

                  A problem for the U.S., as a lot of people know, is immigration. How you plan to solve this problem I do not know. However I do believe immigration is not a good idea because of the safety risk to the American people.

                 First, some immigrants may come over here and feel they can follow laws as they did in their home country. Example being Brooklyn Supreme Court justice Edward Pincus let Chinese immigrant, Dong Lu Chen, off with probation for murder after an anthropologist testified that in Chinese culture the shame of a man being cuckolded was justifiable by murder. People should follow our consequences when they break laws in our country. This sets a standard that you can do as you please with no regard to American culture. Americans are not allowed to go round killing people, so why should immigrants? 

                   Another problem that ties into immigration is terrorism. A writer for the The Atlantic wrote, "refugee advocates toggle back and forth between reassuring the west that there is nothing to fear- and warning of terrorist violence if the refugees are refused." The safety of the American people is being compromised because we are being blackmailed. They say they are not terrorists,  then act like this. How can we be sure? Other refugees will be influenced to use violence to get what they want... leading to more terrorism, which is definitely something we do not need.

                  Something you hear people throw around a lot is " immigrants are here taking our money" this is partially true. David Forum, senior editor at The Atlantic and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, wrote in his article America's Immigration Challenge, sarcastically, that it's a smart move to bring in older immigrants well past their productive years so we can start paying out Social Security that they paid in for. Letting immigrants get the mentality that they will receive a " free ride" in America. This may not be a physical risk to us, but a financial burden can take just as much of a toll on someone.

                  The other partial truth to Immigrants taking our money is that immigrants small jobs help boost larger jobs therefore benefiting the economy. Giovanni Peri, an economist at the University of Columbia said skilled workers made more money and worked more hours and the economy's productivity grew by the boost of complementary jobs.  This slight boost in the economy (10%) is good, however does this outweigh the risks I've earlier mentioned? Without immigrants performing these jobs someone would still do them. College/ high school kids needing to earn an extra few bucks would. That hole is easier to solve, rather than safety threats immigration can pose. 

                   I do not have as much power as you do Mr./Mrs. President; I hope my input has helped me put my say into government, as I cannot vote yet. I want to do my part. Thank you


                                                                                                                                     Faith L.

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