Ana C. Oklahoma

The College Debt Issue

College debt after graduation can greatly affect the lives of those who owe.

Dear Next President,

I understand that during your presidency, you will have many responsibilities. But, college debt is a very big issue in today’s society, and I believe something must be done. According to the site Lendedu the number of students who are loan borrowers are more than 43.3 million. This amount of students is outrageous, and it is all caused by of how expensive college is. Student financial aid expert Mark Kantrowitz recently calculated that student borrowers in the class of 2016 are set to have the highest level of debt yet, at $37,172. The education to students’ careers should not be this expensive. These numbers are a worry to us future college students.

According to, U.S.N. 70 percent of college graduate students of recent years graduated with loans. College debt after graduation can greatly affect lives of those who owe. A worry-free life wouldn’t exactly possible, those once college students would have to worry about having enough money to pay the loan and paying on time. In March 2012 , $1.3 trillion exceeded in student loan debt. This was only in 2012, if something isn’t done-these numbers will only keep increasing.

High amounts of debt could also affect things such as credit scores and credit reports. If you don’t have a good enough credit score, buying a house or other things that require a certain level of credit score. The American Student Assistance said that 63% of students borrowed loans big purchases such as a car, and that 75% put off saving for retirement or other investments. In addition the vast majority of those students said it affected their ability or decision of purchasing those homes. Future college students including myself, are worried to have to go through these sorts of things and not live a normal life.

Im asking you to please reduce college cost in a way that make a noticeable difference. College and the career we form from it is what defines our future and way of living. In the future we will also have other expenses. We have to feed ourselves. We have to live in decent conditions. We are the future and the way and who we include, the way you guide and what we’re given to work with. I appreciate you taking the time to read this


Ana C.

Classen School of Advanced Studies

Classen SAS 8th Grade English

Students from Ms. Sutton's 8th grade English classes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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