Graeme Oklahoma

The Seriousness of Nuclear Bombs

Nuclear weapons are a serious issue and these bombs have the ability to kill millions.

Dear future President of the United States of America,

In the next four years it will be your job and responsibility to run our glorious country. We the people of of this country have chosen you to represent our nation on the world stage for years to come. It is up to you and your administration to do everything within your power to help this nation and the world. The American people, myself included, have put much trust in your hands and rightfully so, for we know that you are up to this salient task.

When it comes to issues none are more important than the fact that some nations have the power to obliterate and completely wipe out all life on the planet Earth. These few nations have unlocked the modern day pandora's box, the one weapon that could end the existence of man, the nuclear bomb.

On August 6, 1945 the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan by the US. This bomb was nicknamed “Little Boy” by the US military but the bomb caused much more damage than your average little boy. It destroyed the city of Hiroshima and according to the Atomic Heritage Foundation over half of the city's population was killed. The bomb dropped on Hiroshima was one of only two bombs ever dropped in conflict though more than 2,000 have been tested. The other one destroyed another Japanese city called Nagasaki and was also dropped by the US three days after the bombing at Hiroshima. Both these bombs caused the deaths of many people.

The destruction that these two bombs caused was so immense that no one ever nuked a city after these bombs were dropped. These bombs not only destroyed the cities but also ruined the environment around the cities and caused future generations of inhabitants to suffer from cancer and other radiation caused illnesses.

But if a feud between two powers that had access to nuclear weapons were to occur then the ability to lay waste to whole cities would surely be capitalized on. In order to prevent nuclear war and thus the imminent possibility of the world being destroyed we must remove all nuclear weapons from the face of the Earth. Many countries including the US, are already beginning to disarm these weapons. But in order to prevent the threat of nations holding on to such weapons all countries must disarm the weapons at similar times to stop one side from keeping such weapons while the others are destroying them. The countries that have access to nukes could ideally to form an agreement on how and when these weapons should be disarmed. There are currently 22,000 reported nuclear weapons in the world according to the United Nations each one of those weapons has the ability to level cities and kill millions. Collectively they have the ability to kill billions and destroy our human race.

I am not sure exactly how this problem should be addressed I only know that it is an important issue that you as the President of the United States should try to solve so that this earth that we call home will always exist.


Graeme J.

Classen School of Advanced Studies

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