Dennis V. Oklahoma

Illegal Exhaust Systems

My letter is about how writing tickets to people with "loud" cars/bikes is wrong.

Dear Future President,

          Hi, I hope you're enjoying being the president of the US! The reason I'm writing this letter to you is because of a certain problem that's causing my  family and I quite a bit of money. The problem that's causing me to lose money is quite a small one but it costs a lot of money, especially for a high school student. I'm talking about writing tickets for loud exhausts. 

          I have personal experiences with loud exhaust tickets. Cops are constantly writing tickets for "loud" exhaust systems. Getting a ticket really puts a strain on my financial life, and it brings my insurance up and puts it on my record. At the same time, I'm also helping my family pay bills, so i don't need to pay for a ticket just because i have a "loud" car.

According to the Regional Stat Report,"Police will start handing out tickets that run to almost two hundred dollars". Some people may have a defect in their car's exhaust system which causes the muffler/exhaust to be louder than usual. They then replace their car's exhaust with an aftermarket one which is bait for cops to pull over. The reason there are loud exhausts is because car people love them; we love the sound of the car's roaring. When you see a Harley pull up the street no one bats an eye, but if you have a "modified" exhaust on your 4 cylinder single cam d series, then everyone freaks out. 

People claim that loud cars are "uncivilized" but saying that it's too loud is quite vague. Loud to someone else might be quiet. I will agree with some people though; loud exhausts do get annoying at times. Even my own car makes me deaf at times, but I love it! I will never change my mind; I will never change my exhaust; I will never give up the hope that someday all exhausts will be legal.



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