victoria d. California

black lives matter

killing african americans is wrong!!! Dear future president, As you start your first term as president, hopefully you will be thinking of big problems, like cops having racism against blacks, this issue is that there are lot of cops abusing and arresting blacks for no reason. Also, cops have been arresting them because cops think they are in a gang just because of their skin color, they also kill blacks and now everybody is affected by cops. Many families are even scared to let their kids outside. We don't think any families should be going thru this anywhere, people are saying that cops don't like blacks because they are the ones that start the crimes because they look like gang members. In order to stop our racism problem we need to retrain our police academy force. Not all black people are criminals they need to not just judge people by their skin colors and not outomadrecly shoot them. they should not shoot to kill, and they should make guns that u could only use when it's necessary to. Not just to abuse someone that is black. The reason im telling u this issue is because blacks are getting shot more than whites and it's also affecting schools because there's a lot of shooting and blacks are being bullied and this needs to be stopped. So dear future president could you please fix this problem. Sincerely V.D

Lakeview MIddle School

Woods Period 1

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