Clarissa T. California

Bullying and Cyber bullying in schools can cause harmful things.

Bullying can cause harmful things like suicide, depression etc. My letter is going to be about cyber bullying and bullying and how it can affect someone.

Dear Future President,

My letter is going to be about bullying and cyber bullying and how it can affect someone really bad and make them depressed or sometimes commit suicide. When people are being bullied the bully doesn’t know how the person feels inside and how it can affect the person.Some people bully for population, or because they are jealous of the person.

When you bully someone you don’t know how much it can affect them some people get depressed or they commit suicide. They think that if one person doesn’t like them then nobody else isn’t going to like them so they keep it to himself. Most of the suicide causes are by bullying. Depression can cause people to not be themselves act different around friends,not going out to places.

People bully so that they could get popular because they think by bullying someone that they are going to get popular,but they can get popular by doing something else. Kids in the school still make more fun of the person so that they could have fun. They could be jealous because one person is more popular so they bully that person.

Cyber bullying is a big thing too because when you put a picture or something in the internet that you liked but then other people put a mean or awful comment people can see it and it can make you feel embarrassed less confident about yourself. When you get to school your friends might see that post and start to laugh at you and they don’t think they are doing something bad but they are hurting her in the inside.

In conclusion, we need to stop bullying help people who are being bullied tell them that they are not the only ones in the school that are going through that problem. We should have counselors at schools to help the students and so they could have someone to talk to. Without these kinds of thing at schools people are just keeping it to himself all their emotions and that's what causes depression, suicide,overdose, etc. So dear next president help us make a change at schools.


Clarissa T.

Lakeview MIddle School

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