Dominic K. California

Stop The Violence

Guns are used for protection, not violence.

Dear President,

Gun violence has been a big problem in the United States for the last decade. Innocent children, fathers, and mothers are dying out on the streets due to gun violence. Each and every day, at least two people die in the hood due to the use of guns. Teenage kids at a very young age are getting their hands on guns from people selling them for a low price out on the streets. In the end, it is the youth who are the ones who are killing each other day and night.

In the hoods and ghettos, many people are killed for various reasons, both young and old. In the city of Oakland, guns are used far too often. A few days ago, a person was robbed and shot to death while hiking in the Oakland Hills Park. The victim, an innocent teacher, was tragically shot to death during the daytime. Guns are also often used in home invasions to scare the victims in the house.

When I was a sophomore in high school, one of my cousin’s close friends, who was also a friend of mine, was shot and killed while walking home late at night. Two gang members drove by asked him what gang he was a part of, and ended up shooting him in the chest three times. It is crazy to think what these little piece of metals can do. In a matter of seconds, they can take someone’s life away. These gang members shot my friend simply because they thought he was a gang member from the opposite color.

From my experience with gun violence, and all the background information I provided you with, I am here to ask you to make new laws on guns. I am here to ask you if there is anyway in which you can get the guns off these streets and let these innocent children live longer and safer lifestyles. Instead of only requiring a gun license, we should make gun sellers do background checks on these people trying to buy before we sell them ammunition. If we take more steps like this before guns are sold, I believe the streets would be a much safer place, with less robberies, burglaries, and homicides.

Next president, I am asking for your help.

Best regards,