Alex R. California

Letter To President, Alex R-Gun control and Gun laws

Gun Control. There are many problems out there and gun control is one of them many people are dying and homicide rates are getting higher and higher.

       Hello Mr. or Mrs., I'm going to make this letter for you because we need more control on gun laws and gun control. There are lots homicide rates in the U.S. and many people are getting killed for lots of bad things and bad reasons and for being bad people. President you should pay more attention to these rates because they are just getting higher and higher and lots of people are getting killed for lots of bad like not paying someone's money at the certain time or talking stuff about other people, some people kill because they are drugged up or drunk so they can’t think straight and they homicide without knowing until they wake up in a jail cell with a life sentence or 40 to 50 years in jail and people are doing homicides or killing people for stuff like that. I know that it will be really hard to make this law in place and make people not kill each other but here are some good ways to make your problem easier. 

First, make gun shops make it harder for people to buy them for the people with no gun licence or simply don't make them buy it but people can steal them so gunsmiths need to be precautions and to be ready for anything that might happen. Second, people who have bad records of their lives they should not be able to buy or sell them guns , Third, have local street checks and neighborhood watches to bust bad people with guns or to recover guns that have been stashed in hidden places. There are a couple of ways to make this problem go away, I'm sure that the next president will also have good solutions for this problem to go away. Also make like the ghetto place of the city's have less gun shops because that make it easier to get guns even when they have no licence.

Also there are many gun shops in the Ghetto and there aren't any gun shops in the nice places of town so make every place nice and destroy gun shops and make like a little grocery store or a little park or something nice to make the neighborhoods nicer and safer. Making this problem go away will make many people happy and they will have a better chance of losing their loved ones. Many people that have guns use them for hunting most of the hunters have licences but people like that are in gangs most of the people in the gangs have guns or weapons also being in a gang makes people have hate against other gangs and that makes people kill each other and where do those people get their guns from drug dealers and cartel people or illegal seller related to those two types of bad types of people who probably sell people guns. 


Alex R.

Lakeview MIddle School

Woods Period 1

This is Ms. Woods's first period class.

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