Arianna V. California


A lot of families are getting separated by Immigration.

Dear Future President,

I am writing from Watsonville, California. I am currently a student from Lakeview middle school and I am concerned by the immigration. Although my parents are still here with me and my siblings, but I have heard in the news of a lot of families have been getting separated 39,410 were deported in the first half of the year 2013 and the other half 33,000 that is 72,410 in total. That is how many families got separated that is a lot they come to this side to look for a better life. This is where I got the information from -of-u-s-citizen-children-separated-from-parents-ice-records-show/ I think that Mexicans should have the same right as white people. I always ask myself why dose there have to to be a border were all humans  like my mom does not have paper, but she is still here with me what about if she had to go who would take me and my brothers to school my dad works. 

My mom once told me a story of my uncle that he was here with his family, but then he had to go back to Mexico and his son was only five years old.  He would always tell his mom where did my dad goes, I want to see him. Then when he was 7 or 8 years his mom told him he went to Mexico and he can't come back. The kid said can we go see him and his mom said no because she did not have papers either. Well, I wish the next president could do something about immigration.


Arianna V.