Emma R. California

Homelessness in America

Homelessness is an issue and it needs to stop in America.

To whom this may concern,

Homelessness is an issue, however, there are ways to support this struggle in society. Homelessness is a huge problem in the United States because homeless people raise health care prices and the number of homeless people is unhealthy for the U.S.

Homeless people raise health care prices because they are unable to pay for their health care needs and their health insurance. When homeless people are ill, they cannot afford to go the hospital. Once they are very sick and need to go to the hospital, they will have to stay there and get treated which costs money. Medicaid Expansion is a organisation that can provide healthcare for homeless people. I think this company will help prevent the number of homeless people in the United States of America because it will allow them to stay healthy.

There is such a large number of homeless people in America is mainly because of drug abuse. In 2015, there were approximately 564,708 homeless people living in America. In 33 states the rate of homeless people has dropped. In some housing areas, there was a dramatic growth in beds, approximately 22,529. About 38% of homeless people are addicted to alcohol and about 26% are addicted to drugs.

Something that I think Americans should do is spend an amount of our taxes on the health or shelter of homeless people because of the number of people living on the streets of America.I am sure some Americans will disagree with this idea because they would rather use their taxes to pay for something they think is more important. Creating more shelters for homeless people will not only house them, but will also provide jobs. These jobs and homes will also help prevent more substance for homeless people.

There are many ways to end homelessness, and I have suggested a small amount of solutions. To conclude, I think homelessness impacts the United States in a negative way.

Thank you,

Emma R.

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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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