Joselyne California

Save the animals and people from air and water pollution

Million of animals and people are struggle with air and water pollution.This should be dealt with more efficiently.

Dear Future President,

AIR POLLUTION: As you started your first term as president, hopefully you will think of big problems in the U.S. such as air and water pollution. Help the animals because when they get to the vet or animal shelter they get abused. These pollutants accumulate in sediments and may biomagnify in tissues of animals at the top of the food chain to concentrations many times higher than in the water or air.

Toxic pollutants in the air, or deposited on soils or surface waters, can impact wildlife in a number of ways. Like humans, animals can experience health problems if they are exposed to sufficient concentrations of air toxics over time. Studies show that air toxics are contributing to birth defects, reproductive failure, and disease in animal. This not only affects their health, but also their lives.

WATER POLLUTION: Use of pesticides and fertilizers on farms has increased by 26-fold over the past 50 years, fueling increases in crop production globally. But there have been serious environmental consequences. Indiscriminate pesticide and fertilizer application may pollute nearby land and water, and chemicals may wash into nearby streams, waterways and groundwater when it rains.

Pesticides can kill non-target organisms, including beneficial insects, soil bacteria and fish. Fertilizers are not directly toxic, but their presence can alter the nutrient system in freshwater and marine areas. Health is important for everyone and not being able to drink safe water is a reason that we all should be able to fix it.

Animals and people need clean air and clean water to survive.



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