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Solving the inequalities in our society

Today, there are many issues that need to be solved and one of them is Solving the inequalities. Whether it would be racial, gender, financial status and many others.

Today, there are many issues that need to be solved and one of them is Solving the inequalities, whether it would be racial, gender, financial status and many others.

Dear future president, what are you going to do about it?

Almost everybody knows that minorities suffer quite a lot in society. For example the average salary per race. In a nation wide census, the percentage of people that earn the salary from 10,000 to 14,999 dollars per race in 2014; Had the following results: 22.4 % were black and 11% were white. The median annual income per race was: white people, $ 56,866. For people of Hispanic origins, $ 42,491. For black people, the median annual income is $ 35,359. Mr or Mrs president, how can we manage to raise the salary for the better for everybody? How can we make these incomes more similar, for all races? How can we provide an equal opportunity for all? 

Another example of inequalities in our society is the racism in the criminal justice. It is a fact that there is disadvantages in being of the minority race. Asian Americans, African Americans, Hispanics and many others aren’t always treated the same in court. Evidence states that 63% of people wrongly imprisoned are African American. Today the criminal justice department is getting better but how can we make it even better. How can we nominate the right judges and how can the judges give out fair and equal sentences to criminals.

Continuing with the issue of the criminal justice, another issue that needs to be changed is the prison bail system. The bail system isn't fair for every class in America. The bail system is when someone can pay out their police custody. Some people, people of higher class, can buy their way out of prison however some people can't afford their bail and that makes it an unfair system. Future president what can be done to reform the prison bail system?    

Another widely discussed topic is the topic of gender inequality. It's a fact that most women do not receive the same salary as men. For every dollar paid for men, 80 cents are paid for women. This needs to be an issue addressed and something must be done to solve it. Another interesting issue is maternal leave.What will the decision be on maternity leave? Should women still be paid, even when they are in maternal leave? I believe that women that need the money to sustain the family, should be paid when they are in maternal leave because it is not fair that some women cannot afford to stay in maternal leave and it makes it hard to feed their children.

Future president. I believe that these four years will be another prosperous four year for America, and even though there are many problems, many conflicts nation wide and international. These four years are an opportunity of change. Change for the better, change for everyone. If the right decisions are made you could lead this country to success and  prosperity. And please consider the voice of your people in every minor or major decision made.

Thank you,

James S. 

Greenwich High School

English 113

English 113

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