Natalie N. Michigan

Dear madam or sir,

I strongly believe that immigration is one of the biggest problems in our country. There are over 11 million immigrants at the moment! This is a major problem, if we can’t get this stopped we could have housing, health care, jobs, and financial problems not that we already have some of those.

Families come into the country with their children hoping for a better life for them. Nowadays parents will do anything to keep their children safe and to have a good life in a good environment. I don’t believe we should make the children go back with their parents if they are under the age of 14 with acceptance of the older. My thoughts are like this because they do not choose to come over here in the first place. We could make child care centers to help them start out their lives to a better start.

For newcomers entering the United States they don’t want to wait the 1-3 years to become an actual citizen. So instead of making them wait we can think of a new more efficient way. We can do this by making more child care centers in the south west of America. I believe this will work because they will have more people to help, another good thing about this system is that we will be able to have more jobs for the people that needs them.

Overall the consequences for all of the immigrants are very high. When the children would like to go to school they get put on welfare which makes us lose money, this is a major problems because at this moment is 19.5 trillion. Also illegal immigrants take away jobs that legal people could have. Another thing is that they are taking over our bigger cities, they need housing so they take that too.

Therefore making the immigrants easier come to the country to be a legal citizen will help because they will do that instead of jumping the border because they don't have to wait. Also letting just the children stay will help because they know that their children will be safe.

Thank you.

Ithaca Junior High School

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