hayden l. Michigan


Is our military debt getting too big ?

Dear future president,

This is my letter to you on what I think you could do or change in your time in the white house. I think that a huge problem is in our debt. Our military debt is the largest debt in the world, with our debt being a outrageous 589.5 billion dollars. Now, I don't know if that's a lot to you, but I think that's a lot for everyone, but that has to change if both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump want to fix our military. How can we make a country have a working military if our military owes that much money?

I think that our military is failing not only on the war with ISIS, but the war in America.  We are lacking in our police and SWAT forces. We need to change it. There are the people who want to help, but don't have the funds, and if we get out of this debt we can change America back to its loving, caring state. We can make America great again.  If our debt is that large, if we can even get rid of a small amount, our debt could be cut in half and still be larger than any other debt in the world.  It is holding us back from doing great things. While countries like Germany are making a train that can go 200 mph, we are fighting over who will be our next president and trying to make our country great when we are failing to do so. So I ask Mr./Mrs. president, can we change our debt in a good easy way or the hard way? It’s up to you, and I think it’s a big problem.

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