Bella Michigan

Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse needs to be stopped.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Iā€™m a 6th grade student at the Lake Fenton Middle School. In my opinion, I think there is way too much animal abuse in this world, today. This is a major issue in the United States. I know that people leave animals, such as dogs, out in the cold by themselves to freeze or starve to death. Some people may even hurt there animals. For Example, I heard a story about a girl who had a cat that her dad was not fond of. When the fathers daughter left the house, he took the cat, put the cat under water and let it drown. I believe that animal abuse should be stopped.

First things first, it is not okay to lock poor animals in chains and hold them there to fight. Some dogs are forced into taking drugs to build up their muscles so they can fight each other. This information was found on a helpful website called Other than dogs there are also horses. Horses these day are being slaughtered for food. I understand that some people need the food but some people are just killing the animals for nothing. This information was also found on Lastly, there are tons of animals( and when I say tons I mean like 3 million animals) that go to the hospital and don't make it out alive. When an animal is old I understand that they probably need to be put down because of health issues or something along those lines. Some animals are able to stay alive with medication and some vets just put them down for no apparent reason at all. All of this information was found on

All though there are lots of people out there that do not do these things, but there are lots of people who don't know how to help out or just don't. Here are some ways that you can help. You can help by donating to the to help animals everywhere. You can also donate to another website called On the website you can also do fundraisers with friends to help all animals. Some good advice that the ASPCA gives you is that if you don't want to start a fundraiser then you can just volunteer at your local animal shelter.

In conclusion, I think animal abuse is a huge issues in today's society. Animals are like people, would you go around hurting people just like people do animals? I believe that animal abuse is something that the next president should care about. I hope after reading this you have a new desire to help animal abuse.

ā€ Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul unawakened.ā€

-Anatole France


Bella Latta