Emma Michigan

The Killer Clown Craze

How the next president should elimnate the killer clowns.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

I think we should discuss the killer clown problem. I know if you care about the USA you would take time and eliminate the clowns, there just like terrorist they create terror and it's not okay in my opinion. I know also care about America you will eliminate the clowns.

The killer clowns try to lewer children into the woods and then the 9-11 year olds don't even get to live there lives,there lives are striped away pice by piece not having hope or anything to hold on to, they have nothing at all.Imagine your kids getting murdered,you would want the person who murder your child dead right. Or face serious charges IN PRISON! FOR THEIR LIVES!

The killer clowns also come after adults too, And then kill them. But this isn't anything new oh no 1990 TV series (IT CLOWN), is this were the killer clown craze came from? I think we're all asking the same question, Aren't we? Well why isn't anyone taking action? Well in action Target stopped selling clown costume. I know it's nothing big, But it will help.

According to Rolling Stone.com one of the victims is a man from Blackburn UK, He said he was stabbed by a clown with a 10 inch blade, OUCH! Right! Imagine if you got stabbed with a 10 INCH BLADE! Please take action about this next president.You can help by geting rid of the killer clowns. Whatever way works for you is ok. I like prison.Well like i said if you care about the USA you will take care of the clowns.