Darryl B. Alabama

Gun control

Guns do more harm that good

Letter to the President

November 7th, 2016

Dear Future President:

I’m a senior in high school from Alabama. I’m reaching out to you to get your opinion on gun control. I highly oppose the use of guns. 

I realize that there are a few arguments against gun control: that the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects individual gun ownership; that gun control laws do not deter crime, gun ownership does; that Gun Control laws infringe upon the right to self-defense and deny people a sense of safety.

 All of those reasons are highly debatable.

 In my opinion, guns do my harm than good.  More gun control laws would reduce gun deaths. More gun control laws are needed to protect women from domestic abusers and stalkers. Guns are rarely used in self-defense. Legally owned guns are frequently stolen. Concealed weapons laws make the non carrying public feel less safe. Criminals are more likely to carry a gun if they suspect that victims may also be armed. Carrying a concealed handgun increases the chances of confrontation escalating and turning lethal. 

 I’ve provided valid information to why guns should be banned. Hopefully you will be able to read this letter and hear me out.